Reward and Procrastination Eating

Denise unpacks the 2 WEIGHT LOSS TRAPS of

Reward eating
Procrastination eating
She offer LOTS of ways to overcome these 2 traps that will help you LOSE weight, get more done, and…have more fun and enjoyment in your life!

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How to Lose Weight When You Aren’t Motivated

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Denise talks about:
what’s keeping you feeling stuck
what to do with that feeling (that isn’t “keep trying”).
How to take baby steps to start losing weight, even when you aren’t motivated.

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Losing 25 pounds – how Kelly did it!

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Denise talks with Kelly, homeschooling mom of 4, lost lost 25 pounds in 4 months and has gone from from “drowning Catholic mom” to feeling “on cruise control” with her weight loss.

Finding Chaos-causing Foods

Denise helps you find the foods that might be making weight loss hard for you because they are creating CHAOS!

Understand how some foods can cause chaos in your life (and weight loss efforts), how to find them and what to do about it if you find them.

What is a Chaos-causing food???
They are foods you
frequently or always binge on, Overeat, and Crave – think about
when not eating; cause you to eat more than you planed or trigger to you to eat more in general.