All about “cheat meals”!

Denise I dives into the concept of “cheat meals” or "cheat days" and discuss how to do them in a way that supports your weight loss and common risks to look out for that could throw off you weight loss.

Denise lays out a step-by-step method (here) on what to do when you overeat / binge eat to get clarity and make progress: Processing and Getting Clarity when we Overeat


Come Holy Spirit. bring me comfort in this time. help me to feel so loved and held and cherished. Hold my heart, lord. I feel weak. I feel vulnerable. I feel discouraged, but I know these feelings do not come from you.

Please, send down your Spirit of Courage that I may bear my crosses like you (specifically the cross of struggling with my food, weight and binge eating) so that I may overcome it by your Spirit of Courage, cultivating fortitude as I do this reflection.

Send down your spirit of understanding so that I may be enlightened to your eternal truth and your spirit of knowledge that I may know what you want me to know and learn from doing this reflection.

Finally, I ask you to send down your spirit of counsel so that this refelction is fruitful and you teach me what you want for me going forward so that I choose the surest way of pleasing you and gaining heaven.

Be with me now Lord.


STEP 1: Mind Dump. What happened?

Step 2: Reread what you wrote and add to it in a different color.

Step 3: Answer: What did you notice? What did you learn?

Step 4: Answer: What else does God want me to know?

Step 5: Answer: Can I clearly see what led to this? If yes, describe what lead to the situation If no, ask God to give you clarity and write what He tells you.

Step 6: Answer: What do I know now that I couldn’t have learned any other way?

Step 7: Answer: What, if anything, has God revealed that He would like you to change going forward?

Step 8: For each one of the things list in Step 7, create a model, putting the item in the “A” line (action line) and finish the model