Reward and Procrastination Eating

Denise unpacks the 2 WEIGHT LOSS TRAPS of

Reward eating
Procrastination eating
She offer LOTS of ways to overcome these 2 traps that will help you LOSE weight, get more done, and…have more fun and enjoyment in your life!

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How to Lose Weight When You Aren’t Motivated

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Denise talks about:
what’s keeping you feeling stuck
what to do with that feeling (that isn’t “keep trying”).
How to take baby steps to start losing weight, even when you aren’t motivated.

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Losing 25 pounds – how Kelly did it!

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Denise talks with Kelly, homeschooling mom of 4, lost lost 25 pounds in 4 months and has gone from from “drowning Catholic mom” to feeling “on cruise control” with her weight loss.

Finding Chaos-causing Foods

Denise helps you find the foods that might be making weight loss hard for you because they are creating CHAOS!

Understand how some foods can cause chaos in your life (and weight loss efforts), how to find them and what to do about it if you find them.

What is a Chaos-causing food???
They are foods you
frequently or always binge on, Overeat, and Crave – think about
when not eating; cause you to eat more than you planed or trigger to you to eat more in general.

All about “cheat meals”!

Denise I dives into the concept of “cheat meals” or "cheat days" and discuss how to do them in a way that supports your weight loss and common risks to look out for that could throw off you weight loss.

Denise lays out a step-by-step method (here) on what to do when you overeat / binge eat to get clarity and make progress: Processing and Getting Clarity when we Overeat


Come Holy Spirit. bring me comfort in this time. help me to feel so loved and held and cherished. Hold my heart, lord. I feel weak. I feel vulnerable. I feel discouraged, but I know these feelings do not come from you.

Please, send down your Spirit of Courage that I may bear my crosses like you (specifically the cross of struggling with my food, weight and binge eating) so that I may overcome it by your Spirit of Courage, cultivating fortitude as I do this reflection.

Send down your spirit of understanding so that I may be enlightened to your eternal truth and your spirit of knowledge that I may know what you want me to know and learn from doing this reflection.

Finally, I ask you to send down your spirit of counsel so that this refelction is fruitful and you teach me what you want for me going forward so that I choose the surest way of pleasing you and gaining heaven.

Be with me now Lord.


STEP 1: Mind Dump. What happened?

Step 2: Reread what you wrote and add to it in a different color.

Step 3: Answer: What did you notice? What did you learn?

Step 4: Answer: What else does God want me to know?

Step 5: Answer: Can I clearly see what led to this? If yes, describe what lead to the situation If no, ask God to give you clarity and write what He tells you.

Step 6: Answer: What do I know now that I couldn’t have learned any other way?

Step 7: Answer: What, if anything, has God revealed that He would like you to change going forward?

Step 8: For each one of the things list in Step 7, create a model, putting the item in the “A” line (action line) and finish the model