Calling all Catholic moms who feel frazzled, anxious, or stuck.

Do you wish you could just lose the weight or enjoy your kids more or have less pain in your marriage?

If so, you’re not alone and we’re here to help you live the life God has designed for you. He doesn’t want you to have so much fear and stress.

Hi! We're Sterling & Lorissa.

We remember when we would wake up thinking, "I just don't know how I'm going to get through the day."

We were two Catholic moms reading self-help books, trying to be happy, and failing miserably. We had beautiful lives that we had prayed for but were drowning in stress.

Sterling had six kids in eight years with three rounds of bed rest. Prolonged abstinence had caused strain in her marriage. She felt like she was screwing up homeschooling. If she was supposed to suffer well, she was sure she was failing at that too.

Lorissa was working full-time in ministry, running her parish youth group, and putting on annual conferences. She was juggling work and all the responsibilities of raising seven children… all the homework…. all the sports… all the activities… all the laundry! Not being able to manage these things well robbed her of the joy she longed for.

We both thought, “Life shouldn’t be this hard.”

And then, we found life coaching and had the same thought, “We need to bring this to all Catholic moms!”

We discovered life coaching and everything changed.

We show women how to actually get the results they want in their life. We teach them how to feel more in control of their lives.

No new-agey stuff here. We promise.

The saints tell us we can have peace no matter what is happening around us. But if you’re anything like us, you have no idea how to do that!

Once we discovered how, it completely transformed our lives.

We knew how to relate to our kids better, how to set boundaries in relationships, how to discover what we really want and how to have the courage to ask for it!

We knew how to have more peace.

We're so excited to help you discover God's calling for you and teach you how to love your daily life!

We hear things like this all the time:

We never get tired of hearing this. And often our clients experience this after JUST ONE MONTH in Masters. It’s incredible. Join us today. You won’t regret it.

Here's a gift for you!

We've made these free resources to help Catholic moms grow in holiness.


Lose Weight for the Last Time

We teach you how to identify and stop believing the top five lies that are keeping you stuck. When your feelings are all over the place, you grab food to soothe the pain. We show you how to stop this cycle and lose weight for the last time.

Love Your Husband Challenge

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget to show your special guy that you love him. In this 14-day challenge, you’ll get a daily prompt, prayer, and flirty texts to send to your husband to add some warmth and spice to your marriage!

Catholic Mom's Encourage Bundle

Add a little extra sunshine to your family! Get 30 cheerful printable cards to brighten your child’s day. PLUS 100 encouraging phrases to lift them up, teach them that God created them for special things, and that you love watching them live life!

Ready to get started?

Learn more about how we can work together:

This is our life coaching membership for Catholic moms. We have courses on weight loss, marriage, parenting, minimalism, setting boundaries, ending negative self-talk, and more. Don’t worry. It won’t feel overwhelming because we show you exactly what to start with.

If you know you want to go deep and have a one-on-one life coach, this is the option for you. Our highly trained and deeply devout Catholic coaches can you help you overcome a challenge you’re having or help you pursue a dream you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Here's what we believe

When you blend the science of how the brain works with the promises God makes, you'll know exactly how to create the peace you desire.


Everything we teach is built on a foundation of the truth, goodness, and beauty of our Catholic faith. Our mission in all we do is to lead our clients to encounter the Holy Spirit and deepen their faith.


Most of us have a constant stream of negative thinking in our minds. We say awful and mean things to ourselves and then wonder why we don’t have peace. We’ll teach you how to treat yourself with love and compassion.


Our community has an overwhelming feeling of support. You’ll feel supported by a team of coaches, by our prayer team, and by all the other women in our membership. Instead of being lonely, you’ll feel seen and loved.

"Becoming aware of my thoughts has changed how I handle everything."

I’ve been a Masters member for over a year now. I first decided to jump in because I wanted to lose the weight from baby number five, but also learn to have peace in a hard season of life. I had just taken my oldest son’s dad to court for over a year, the pandemic hit, and then a new baby with a traveling husband.

“Why is life so hard for me”. “Why am I always the one to do everything.”

I was filled with negative thoughts that I wasn’t even aware of that were controlling my mood and attitude towards my family and life in general. Becoming aware of my thoughts has changed how I handle everything.

Learning to truly love myself and show compassion to myself has helped me to be able to show unconditional love to even the most difficult people in my life. It’s deepened my marriage, kept my weight on track, and helped me bounce back much quicker from some tough things life has thrown me. Even my husband began to take notice and has now joined Masters for men so that he too can have more peace and grow deeper with the Lord.

The Made for Greatness team has broken everything down so you can learn things in baby steps at your own pace. I even started doing 1-1 coaching this year as my birthday gift to myself to dive deeper into some of those deep dark thoughts I might not feel comfortable otherwise sharing on a live coaching call. These ladies speak God’s truth through this amazing ministry to women and have radically changed my life and is helping me to be the person God intended me to be.

- Michaela

Discerning the Will of God

What if you knew how to hear God's voice? We can show you how.