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 Hey everybody! So today I want to talk to you about chaos foods, yes, yet they are a real thing and there are foods that are causing chaos in your life. And I want to help you understand what the heck that means and how to make your life more peaceful by understanding what to do with them. So today we’ll talk about what chaos food is? How can you find yours? And then what to do once you find out which ones you have, so let’s dive in. This might be something that you have never heard before, so I’m so excited to offer this to you. I find that a lot of women in the weight loss or the holy spirit community get a lot of clarity and freedom. When they understand this concept and can put it to work for them. So the first thing is what the heck is a chaos food? chaos food is a food that causes chaos in your life. And I had to find chaos by creating distraction in your brain. You’re thinking about that food, you’re craving that food. It’s consuming your brain space. You’re thinking about it when you’re not eating it or you’re planning on when you can have it next, maybe even while you’re eating it. It’s one of those foods that you might even put your slippers on to get out of bed; to go eat or to get in your car to go by.