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 Hi, everybody. So today’s podcast is what to do instead of giving up. When you find that you have had a misstep you’ve overeaten. You got yourself really overstuffed and perhaps you saw  yourself do something. That you haven’t done in a long time. When you’re having some feelings of guilt. And regret and remorse. And well, this is a process that I came about because the Lord allowed me to fall. Like last week.  And so the process that I’m going to lay out, I want to tell you what you can do instead of giving up and how you can get a lot of clarity and actually make a lot of progress, leaning into whatever happened.  So I’ll go through what that process is. And then if you want to stay on, you can hear the nitty-gritty details of actually what happened to me. So stay tuned. This is a little bit more of a serious podcast, and I say it’s serious because if you struggle. With feeling controlled by food.  There’s so many heavy emotions. Attached to this. And I promise you, by the end of this podcast, you are going to feel so much freedom.  You’re going to feel so light. You’re going to feel the Lord has come in and helped remove that burden from you.