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So we are in the season of summer and vacations and today I wanted to talk to you about my top vacation tips for not gaining weight on vacation, or even losing weight on vacation. Believe it or not, there’s many women in our community who continue to lose weight even when they go on vacation. And they’re so shocked, because it is actually the first time in their lives that they have ever thoroughly enjoyed themselves on vacation and lost weight. So I’m recording this now as I am coming off of a seven night vacation alone with my husband. I know I’m such a lucky girl and that included navigating airports, two flights, daily meals out every day we went out and we didn’t eat every meal out, but every day we did have a meal out. And then when we returned home, the next day, we hosted a summer barbecue at our house for our family and the whole time I was not in a restrictive mindset and I had a lot of fun and I came home and maintained my weight, like almost exactly to the ounce. No, I’m not into weighing that much, but I just wanted to prove to you that you can do all of this and live your lives and maintain your weight.