Why Private Coaching?

This has been a life altering experience.​

I have been working with Denise for the past 7 weeks. This has been a life altering experience for me. I have, through Denise’s example come to rely more on God and less on food. I have begun to feel that I am important enough to eat well. I have learned to be calm in the face of difficulties in life. These changes have trickled down to my family who all are proud of me for looking after myself and they are benefitting from the wisdom of Denise and the program too.” – Sharon

Are you ready?

My process works for everyone!

I’m Denise Jelinek and I’m a Catholic weight loss coach who guarantees results! I have helped so many women lose weight eating the foods they like without feeling deprived.

I was a closet binge-eater for many years and it was so painful. I was filled with shame. I knew I had a blessed life so I didn’t understand why I was raiding the pantry like a raccoon at night when no one was looking.

I went on a journey to stop dieting and to truly find peace around food permanently. I learned how to do exactly that and now it’s my great honor to teach other Catholic moms to do the same thing.

My process works for everyone. You’ll make a food plan that’s perfect and doable for you. I host a weekly group coaching call where you can get support and strategy… did you know I’m a plateau buster? Oh yeah.

Join me on this journey to weight loss His way. It will forever change your relationship with food. And it’ll be a lot of fun!

"Denise has been a God-send"​

Denise has been a God-send to my weight loss journey. I was really struggling and had put 10 pounds back on over the summer. I watched her first call and was hooked; her energy was contagious!

She gave practical advice and ideas that were exactly what I needed, when I needed them. Since watching her first coaching call I have lost the 10 pounds, and have been successfully intermittent fasting on a regular basis.  – Johnna

Frequently Asked Questions

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Great question! Life coaching is about two things… getting unstuck… and then achieving goals. This isn’t therapy. We don’t spend a lot of time digging in your childhood. Instead, we help you pay attention to what you are thinking now. We help you see how your thinking… the stories you are believing… are often keeping you stuck and causing you pain. Together we pray and ask God what He wants for your life. Then we create new thoughts that lead you to that life. Our clients have profound transformations and they have them very quickly.

Life coaching is one of the most valuable investments you can make because the lessons you learn that significantly improve the whole rest of your life. 

You have more confidence. You set better boundaries. You learn to speak to yourself kindly. 

And most of all, you learn how to grow closer to God so you can more clearly hear what He wants you to do with your life.

It costs $400 a month for active Weight Loss with the Holy Spirit members. Not a Weight Loss with the Holy Spirit member? Sign up here for our community first. 

We meet with our clients weekly over Zoom.We coach you on your challenges and your goals. We help you get clear on what you want and help you figure out how to create that vision in your life. We help you love your daily life. It really doesn’t have to be so hard.

The Weight Loss with the Holy Spirit Community is like joining the gym. There are lots of courses in there and you can get coaching on group coaching calls. 1-on-1 coaching is like hiring a personal trainer. Both will get you results but working one-on-one with a trainer will get you more personalized and faster results. We created both because we wanted all Catholic moms to get to experience life coaching so they can take back control of their lives. Pray about it. God will lead you where He wants you to go. And if you would like some help deciding, schedule a 15 minute consult with Denise here.

Sign up for 1:1 Coaching and we’ll gurantee you’ll lose 10lbs in 2 months. Some conditions apply: Gurantee Requirements

"It was a perfect evening..."

Just wanted to again say thank you for helping me plan this weekend.  It was a perfect evening last night.  I was able to just really enjoy it and not being drawn into food and drink drama.  Enjoying a pedicure with my baby girl now.  I am so grateful.
– Client of the Weight Loss program

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